Sunday, 14 July 2013


*I rode a motorcycle for the first time. It was amazing. I'm totally hooked. I hope to have my license later this year.
*We started packing for our short camping trip to Denmark later this week. We are looking forward to it and the weather is looking very good indeed!
*I gave away vegetable cuttings to anyone who wanted to have them (nobody told me not to plant all the seeds as they might actually all come out).
*I made the tasty Spicy Vegetable Soup with Peanut from New Covent Garden Soup Co.
*We watched Man of Steel, which I enjoyed more than I expected.
*We got our 'country' on and listened to oldies but goodies like Mark Knopfler and The Eagles.

Pictures taken with my iPhone & Nikon D700 + Nikkor 24mm 2.8 D. All pictures are edited with VSCO.


  1. Mooie foto's! Vooral de eerste vind ik heel tof <3
    (echt jammer dat VSCO Cam er nog niet is voor android :)

    1. Thanks! Hopelijk komen ze snel met een app voor android. Het zijn erg fijne edits!